“We started working with American College  Counselors six months before the first deadline to submit  college applications. Even though we had little time and lots of pressure at that time, they were always available when we needed their advice. I’m absolutely sure that without their help my son wouldn’t have found the appropriate school.

After  our first meeting, they immediately started a research of schools all over the US taking into account my son’s GPA, SAT score, interest in soccer, and interest in the field  business with focus in entrepreneurship and sports management.

My son definitely wouldn’t have been capable of finding the right fit schools to apply to without their guidance throughout the whole process.

Afterwards, they discussed the pros a cons of each school with him and together they put together a final list of schools and priorities. 

We are thrilled as my son was admitted to 10 out of 12 schools and chose Kelley School of Business at Indiana University which is among the top  5 entrepreneurship colleges in the USA.

I definitely recommend ACC.”

Jose S.

International Student

“Sandra really helped me hone in on what I needed to express to show admissions counselors who I am and what my true passions are. With her help, I was able to earn admission to all my reach colleges. I am very grateful for her guidance. Thank you!”

Thomas B.

“Navigating through the maze of U.S college admission process for a student living abroad is mind-boggling to say the least. The support and guidance we received from Sandra made a huge difference in every step of the way including college list, essay reviews, college selection, interview preparation, and financial aid appeal. Happy to say that my daughter got into the college she wanted with the desired major. Sincere Thanks and appreciation to Sandra. Couldn’t have done it without you!”

Holly Z.

“Sandra was not only our college counselor but or guardian angel!  Any time we needed an answer regarding college admissions, credentials, or really anything at all, she would do her best to provide us with an accurate and helpful answer. Sandra stands out to me because of her reliability and her effort, as she has made this admissions process a breeze, and has managed to nudge us into the door of some of my son’s dream colleges.Note: My son was awarded a FULL scholarship to a large national university!”

Andrea S.

International Student

“We didn’t find much in the way of college assistance at my son’s large public high school and since my son was aiming at several extremely selective colleges, we felt overwhelmed by the college admissions preparation and application processes. Sandra was referred to me by my best friend who had hired her properly to work with her daughter.

My son started working with Sandra during his sophomore year. She took the time to understand my son’s background and his goals, and gave him the support and guidance he needed during the application process.

Sandra has extensive knowledge and insight in how to make an applicant stand out. He was finally admitted into several of his top choice schools and is very happy!”

Caroline F.