This is our comprehensive package for American high school students in 9th – 12th grade. Using our expert essay editors and application reviewers, years of experience in college admissions and higher education, and extensive knowledge of the college admissions process, we help students build winning college applications.

We start by reviewing your academic and extracurricular profile, identifying your strengths and areas for improvement. We then discuss your interests, aspirations, and goals, in order to tailor the application process to your unique background. Afterwards, we discuss the key elements of the application process, its requirements, and its options. With our guidance, you and your family soon develop a comprehensive understanding of what is needed, why it’s needed, and when it’s needed. But most importantly, we help students optimize the best strategy for each task. We guide your academics and extracurricular activities in order to maximize their rewards. By the end of high school your transcript and college applications will positively reflect both the demands of your classes and your long term commitments!

You can rely on our college counselors at every stage of the application process. Our objective is to turn you into an outstanding candidate—academically and personally—and present your profile in a particularly engaging and original fashion. In other words, we specialize in maximizing your chance of admission at your best-fit colleges—the ones that will best serve your future—and that your applications elegantly and compellingly communicate both the power of your uniqueness and merits.

Your advisor will take you step-by-step through the admissions process by offering personalized guidance. Our customized college admissions advising includes:

  • Support for high school course selection by building strong academic schedules

  • Extracurricular activity selection and suggestion of future involvement in order to build a strong resume

  • Suggest summer programs and review applications

  • Create action plan, timeline and schedule for standardized tests: SAT, ACT, Subject Tests

  • Refer tutors as needed for preparation of standardized testing

  • Schedule college tours and visits
  • Evaluate student’s transcripts and implement strategy to strengthen GPA

  • Secure letters of recommendation

  • College interview preparation including mock interviews

  • Formulate overall application strategy: Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision, Rolling Admissions

  • Create a customized college list of recommended “best fit” colleges

  • Brainstorm essay ideas, select topics, and professional essay editing

  • Review and edit all college applications

  • Discuss financial aid goals and strategies

  • Financial aid appeal and negotiation strategies

  • Scholarship search and guidance

  • Start-to-finish support


We start by reviewing your academic and extracurricular profile, identifying your strengths and areas for improvement. We discuss your interests, aspirations, and goals, as well as…

College Admissions Counseling


We start by reviewing your coursework and current GPA from the institution that you are currently enrolled in and identify your strengths and areas…


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