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  • Start-to-finish support with all aspects of the application process

  • Development of multi-year college plan
  • Extracurricular activity selection

  • Essay brainstorming, outlining, and editing

  • Interview preparation
  • Application review
  • Help building your college list & deciding on application strategy
  • Scholarship and financial aid support


My high-school student was not the most motivated or most organized college applicant, and he always bristled at writing essays. So it was important for us to link up our student with Sandra and Felipe and have them practically hold his hand through the application process.

Specifically, Felipe was instrumental in finding colleges for our son to apply to, then guided him on his essay writing (he did not write them for him) and was basically a sherpa on our son’s journey. Of the seven schools Felipe suggested, our son applied to five and got into four.

He’s now a happy, motivated college freshman with a clear vision for what he wants to do with his life. He unequivocally would not be there if not for Felipe’s help. Furthermore, our son earned a merit scholarship to the school of his choice, so in essence, American College Counselors more than paid for itself! We intend to hire them again for our daughter when she’s ready to go to college. You should hire them for your student too.

Dave Richard, Fort Lauderdale, FL

As an international student, our family was particularly in need of guidance. Sandra and Felipe worked closely with my son to lead him through the entire college admissions process.

They worked with him to understand his wants and needs and find the perfect-fit schools for him. He ended up being admitted to nearly every school he applied to and was offered substantial merit scholarships at many of them. Considering the amount of aid he received for submitting such strong applications, it was a great investment to hire American College Counselors.

We highly recommend their services to anybody, but particularly to international applicants!

Maria Ines Buitrago, Bogota, Colombia

We started working with American College Counselors six months before the first deadline to submit college applications. Even though we had little time and lots of pressure, they were always available when we needed their advice. I’m absolutely sure that without their help my son wouldn’t have found the appropriate school.

After our first meeting, they immediately started researching schools all over the US taking into account my son’s GPA, SAT score, interest in soccer, and interest in the field business with a focus in entrepreneurship and sports management.

My son definitely wouldn’t have been capable of finding the right fit schools to apply to without their guidance throughout the whole process.

Afterwards, they discussed the pros a cons of each school with him and together they put together a final list of schools and priorities.

We are thrilled as my son was admitted to 10 out of 12 schools and chose Kelley School of Business at Indiana University which is among the top 5 entrepreneurship colleges in the US.

Jose S, Chicago, IL
College Admissions Counseling


Our comprehensive package for high school students (9th -12th grade) will help you develop a unique strategy to become a competitive applicant.

College Admissions Counseling


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College Admissions Counseling


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